A little history …

Roland Vermot Automation was created in 1984 with the aim of providing industrial maintenance and repair services, most specifically for bar turning companies.
Roland Vermot Automation quickly developed a design office which is used to design systems based on industrial programmable controllers.
In 1989, the company started mass producing renovation kits for bar turning equipment as well as customized kits for manufacturing special machines.
In 1993, Roland Vermot Automation launched a camshaft accelerator, with head speed control (OVAC)

And today …

Roland Vermot Automation now offers all its customers a wide range of products meeting the industrial demands of productivity:

  • if you want to product more parts per machine/time unit
  • if you want to expand the range parts your machines can produce
  • if you want to improve production quality and limit your overheads
  • in short: if you want to remain competitive with your current machine park

Ask us to carry out your projects, put us to the test : we certainly have a solution to offer you!